Welcome to Liftech Solutions

Liftech Solutions Ltd provides lifts, hoists and other products that have been designed and engineered alongside Occupational Therapists and their clients to solve many variable problems associated with everyday mobility.

Our mission

Regain the freedom of your home by being able to travel between floors smoothly, quietly and safely with our through floor lift either seated or with our wheelchair lift models.

Whether it is a wheelchair or through floor lift for domestic or public property access or track hoist, a solution is never far away.

What we do

Liftech Solutions Ltd supplies and installs numerous domestic and public building lifts, including external lifts, internal lifts, wheelchair lifts, through floor lifts and ceiling track hoist systems and other disabled access solutions for the home,office and public buildings. Liftech Solutions Ltd will carry out a free, no obligation survey, undertake drawing plans if required, and building/electrical work, that is to say a complete one stop deal, or just supply only.