Regain the freedom of your home by being able to travel between floors smoothly, quietly and safely.

The installation of a through floor lift is a far less complicated an operation than you might think. Following the initial survey and the subsequent decision to proceed with the installation, our experienced team of engineers will carry out all necessary preparatory work and install the lift in three days with very little disturbance to your household. Operation is simple. Having called the lift from the easily accessible wall control panel, the car door can be opened by pressing a second switch. The integral ramp allows easy access and a push button inside the car closes the door. A push of the appropriate direction button will signal the car to travel to the other floor; automatically lifting or replacing the aperture ceiling panel en route, where the reverse procedure is followed to exit the car. Eight carriage sizes to choose from, including a compact seated option.

Available Options:

Separate sliding seat in compact model. Folding seat in wheelchair version. A telephone can be fitted in the lift car. A range of trim colours. Maintenance - BS 5900 recommends that Homelifts are serviced at six monthly intervals, which we will be pleased to do on request.

Lift Dimensions:

All dimensions are in mm unless otherwise stated

Model Internal Width Internal Length External Width External Length
Harmony S (Standard) 755 1175 920 1265
Harmony W (Wider) 890 1175 1055 1265
Harmony L (Longer) 755 1375 920 1465
Harmony LW (Longer & Wider) 890 1375 1055 1465
Harmony C (Compact 560 680 710 915
VM30 590 790 722 1655
VM31 740 1150 872 2190
VM36 790 1200 922 2290


The Steplift 500 is the ideal solution to domestic wheelchair access problems up to a height of 500mm with a bridging step or alternatively with upper gate protection.

Provides both wheelchair and pedestrian access at the same doorway, inside or outside.

Smooth hydraulic operation. Self contained unit is suitable for mounting on a smooth flat surface, suck as concrete or tarmac and can easily be installed in one day, often cheaper than a ramp and can be easily re-sited. Powered by its own batteries (Charged by mains). No dedicated supply or RCD needed.

Designed to BS 6440.

Maximum safe working load 250Kgs (39 Stones).

Closed height - 75mm. Maximum height - 500mm.


Solution to wheelchair access problems in domestic situations.

Two Available Options:
1) Upper level electrically interlocked gate - wheelchair access only.
2) Mechanical bridge step system - allows both wheelchair and pedestrian access through the lift.

Self contained unit is suitable for mounting on a flat 100mm concrete base and can be installed in less than one day. The lift will travel up to 1000mm with upper gate protection or 960mm with a triple bridge step unit.

Manufactured in durable stainless steel/aluminium finish as standard - suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Easy to use - has conveniently situated controls and shallow approach ramp.

Reliable - battery back up provides normal use operation in case of power cut (30 cycles.)

Built to BS 6440 standards.

Maxiumum safe working load 250kg.


We can supply special one-off products to suit your non-standard applications.

Powerstep lifts are unique and designed to enable negotiations of one or two steps up to a height of 600mm. These models can offer a simple alternative to steps. The platform can be stopped at any point to provide an intermediate step for ambulant users. It is possible to adapt the domestic version to a small walking frame lift.

Portable Wheelchair Steplift up to 1000 mm rise, typical application providing wheelchair access to theatre stage etc. This is a derivative of the Standard Steplift 1000.


This lift has been specifically designed to overcome wheelchair access problems, where ramping is not feasible; due to the length required to achieve the recommended gradient.

This model operates from 1000mm to 3000mm.

Suited to either outdoor or indoor applications, the design incorporates an integral ramp to eliminate the need for a pit, thus keeping building work to a minimum. Pit option available for internal use if required.

The standard finish is maintenance free stainless steel but other materials or paint finishes are available to suit the surrounding decor.

A major feature of the design is the lack of mast or support tower, minimising aesthetic intrusion into the environment.

In the event of a mains power failure the lift features an emergency lowering facility.

Safe working load: 1000mm travel - 250kg (39 stones), 2000mm to 3000mm travel - 500kg (78 stones).

Designed to BS 6440 and CE compliance.


For wheelchair users and less mobile persons. Internal or external applications.

The wheelchair stairlift is designed for straight staircases and can be fitted to a wall or supported on stanchion posts.

The lift is easy and convenient to operate. The user can operate the lift independently, because the barrier arms and ramps are powered.

When the stair lift is not in use it can be folded and parked with a depth of only 285mm from the wall, thus allowing clear access to the staircase.

The user can call the lift even when folded. Fully automatic operations from the touch of a button.

If the power to the lift fails, the lift can be operated using the manual hand-wind handle.

Safe working load: 225kg (36 Stones).


Complete system designed to support virtually every moving and handling situation, it is the ultimate practical and affordable solution to mobility in the home.

Straight and curved track systems. Full range of track options means whole room / house cover is easy to achieve. A wide range of models available, fully battery powered. Simple charge by docking at track end when not in use. Smooth running with advanced soft start on both raising and traversing functions eliminates sudden movement adding to feeling of security. Excellent lifting range with long lifting tape allows pick up from floor to high bed height even with low ceilings. Safe working load up to 300kg (47 stones).


Created especially for the home, its elegant and compact design means it will fit neatly into your house practically anywhere you choose and can be custom made to suit your existing décor. The new Lifestyle lift will future proof your home so you don’t have to worry about the emotional stress and upheaval of moving house if the stairs become too much.

Standard Features:

  • A load capacity of 250kg (39 stones).
  • The lift is CE marked.
  • Designed and manufactured to BS5900:2012 as applicable. Warrington Fire Research Centre assessment WF320926.
  • Pressure sensitive safety surfaces stop the lift if obstructed from above or below.
  • For added security, the lift cannot travel unless the door is closed and the door will not open when the lift is travelling.
  • Glass panel set – clear.
  • Door handle push plate – painted white.
  • Ceiling plate with concealed lighting.
  • Back panel set – painted silver.
  • Straight hand rail – brushed stainless steel.
  • Floor edge trim – painted white.
  • Curved car rear panels – painted white.
  • False ceiling (in aperture) - painted white.
  • Wireless control stations in car and at both floors which include direction, stop, and door open/close controls. Car station has a white touch sensitive panel and the upper and lower call station controls are in a white moulded casing. Remote fob (locking) isolating.
  • Top cap – painted white.
  • Carpet – charcoal.
  • Customer supplies own flooring material.
  • In the event of power failure battery back-up system allows operation of car in the down direction by normal controls with all safety systems in operation.
  • Wipe-clean finish.
  • Standard colour RAL9016 (white).
  • The car is fitted with LED lighting with adjustable brightness and time delay which switches on when lift is called. By pressing and holding the stop and up buttons, the lights will automatically sequence through the different intensity levels. When the desired level is reached, release both buttons.